How To Make Blog Posts Planning And Writing Easier

Having a blog on your website is essential in expanding your reach across the internet. It is also a key to getting found by customers in search engines.3634843977_ee995d912d1

In one of my previous posts, I explained in more detail why having a blog is needed for business websites. But it’s common knowledge that coming up with topics that visitors of your site will be interested in is not always like a walk in the park. » Read more

Business Owners Need Inspiration Too! 10 Quotes To Perk You Up!

Have you had a hectic week?smaller

I’m sure if you are running a business then you have a VERY busy schedule for the whole week, probably the whole month or even the whole year!

And with the Yuletide season just around the corner, you may be overloaded with stress both from personal responsibilities and business engagements. » Read more

Flaunt Those Testimonials And Product Reviews

Design is a big factor in creating a website and other marketing materials. But without content, it’ll just be another picture which will just be admired by onlookers.4857593259_a2b5bb85c5_m

After seeing it, no matter how unique the design is, most people will just leave the site to move on to the next pretty thing which catches their eyes online.

Or, if it’s a brochure or flyer, most people will tend to either throw it away or put it in the pile of papers they leave on a  rack which collects dust. » Read more

Gratitude Is An Attitude

It has been a rainy week here in our country. These kinds of days make the bed, couch and television more inviting than ever. And sometimes, these days bring in gloomy feelings too because of the gloomy weather. But an attitude of gratitude is the simplest remedy for any gloomy thought or emotion. This I’ve learned through years of many ups and downs mostly in my personal life but not excluding my professional career too.
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Happiness @ Work

I noticed a certain trend with the posts of many of my friends in Facebook since last week. Many of them had broadcast statuses of unhappiness in their current jobs or wanting to resign from their posts. They have different kinds of reasons to which I can very much relate to when I was still holding a regular office job. So I asked myself, is it really impossible to be fully happy with your job even if it’s paying for all your bills? » Read more