Debunk The Fear of Online Press Releases For Boosting Business Marketing

Online press release writing and distribution are among the best marketing channels for businesses. 

These have never gone outdated even with the current search updates and boom in social media.

But coming up with topics appropriate for press releases is something which most businesses fear, especially small businesses.

However, if you are a small business owner, this should not stop you from taking advantage of the benefits that press releases can bring to your company’s growth.

Take a look at the features of press releases and what you can do to fully reap its benefits:

Press releases are distributed to top news and industry specific sites all over the world.

These are high-authority sites frequented not only by journalists but right now, more and more potential re-writers and consumers. When you publish a press release, you are silently asking other journalists to check out the news from your company and to retell your story. Other types of writers also get to see your press release and the potential for them featuring it on their own pages, blogs or other kinds of websites increases.

To reach a specific type of audience, press release distribution sites often provide publishers the option to choose the location and industry where they want the release to be distributed. Among the common options are countries in the east or west and common industries are health and well-being, information technology and business. Choosing the best areas and related industries will make your press release reach your target market.

Press release topics should be newsworthy.

Top press release distribution sites screen every press release submitted to them to ensure its newsworthiness. This is where choosing a topic for your press release comes in. There’s actually a vast list of topics you can use for writing press releases. Among them are:

  • The new version of your product
  • Awards you, your company, or your product received
  • Company or product reviews
  • Customer survey results or feedback
  • and researches, events or trends relevant to your product and company

Almost everything important and related to your business can be used as topics. The key is to make it newsworthy. Headlines should be factual and not just show an opinion.

For example, a headline like “Baby Clothing, Inc Looks Into The Latest Research On The Best Type of Textile For Baby Clothes.”

It’s good but it’s not newsworthy.

To be newsworthy it should be something like “Baby Clothing, Inc Announces The Best Type of Baby Clothes Textile, Based on [cite research source] Latest Research”

The source of the research is mentioned showing why the announcement is credible.

This helps build your company or brand reputation as one who is an expert in your field and one who provides innovative solutions.

It also attracts more attention because a study/research is cited to back up the announcement.

Press releases are SEO and social media friendly.

First, it’s not prohibited to insert your targeted keywords on the press release body text. Just make sure not to stuff it too much.

Aside from this, press releases are among the top search results that come up when consumers search for product reviews and current events because these are the latest and fresh news.

Posting to social media sites are also enabled on each published press release so sharing it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar social avenues is easier. With this ability, you also widen the distribution of your press release enabling you to reach more leads or prospects.

Plus putting a link back to your own site is also allowed making possible consumers easily get back to you increasing the likelihood of product sales.

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