Flaunt Those Testimonials And Product Reviews

Design is a big factor in creating a website and other marketing materials. But without content, it’ll just be another picture which will just be admired by onlookers.4857593259_a2b5bb85c5_m

After seeing it, no matter how unique the design is, most people will just leave the site to move on to the next pretty thing which catches their eyes online.

Or, if it’s a brochure or flyer, most people will tend to either throw it away or put it in the pile of papers they leave on a  rack which collects dust.

So that’s why having text on marketing materials is vital. Text content explains what a page is all about and what it is offering to viewers.

Text is also the main element which can make or break your marketing efforts to convert your online visitors or readers to paying customers.

There are many kinds of texts you can use to give valuable information on a website and other promotional materials you may have.

Two of the best kinds of text you should include are customer or client testimonials and user product reviews.

With these two contents, you won’t need to come up with hype words to convince other prospects that your product and/or service is one of the better ones in the market, if not the best. These types of texts are advertisements in themselves.

Take a closer look.

Customer or client testimonials and product reviews are words from people who have used your product or service or, have dealt with you and your company in the past. They have had firsthand experience of what you are offering and can truly say if they got some benefit from it or not.

Testimonials are usually short. But in short sentences, most people give a more honest opinion or feedback and therefore these words are a true reflection of what they really feel for what they got from you.

Product reviews on the other hand are longer. However, these delve deep into the features of your product or service and allow potential customers to really see if your offer is what they are looking for. Product reviews also often come with a recommendation or approval rating option which gives more impact on whether your product is good or not.

All in all, these two kinds of content will prove if your brand can be trusted and are true to your claims.

Seeing what customers have to say will also let you catch a glimpse of what improvements, if any, needs to be done with your product or service.

So allow your current customers to leave their feedback on your site about their experience with your brand or print their positive testimonies on your sales letters, leaflets or catalogs.

Such display of attestation will make potential customers see that you are taking notice of their voice and that you do think of them first. It’ll make them realize that you’re truly worth their time and money.

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